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    In 1982, VETUS designed and introduced the first bow thruster for pleasure boats, which has since become a firmly established concept in the boating world. Following this first model, the development department at VETUS has listened carefully to customer feedback, with VETUS thrusters improving year after year, culminating in the introduction of the quietest bow thruster in the world in 2007.


    The saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is certainly applicable to the propulsion system on a boat - anyone who has experienced that helpless feeling when a engine stops unexpectedly (always at the critical moment), will know the stress that this can cause. One of the most important links in this chain is something VETUS can truly call themselves specialists in - the fuel system.VETUS supplies tanks in various sizes, with or without fittings, hoses and gauges, with everything from deck filler to engine and everything in between available in our range. And, because these connect perfectly with other VETUS systems in the propulsion chain, you can be assured of optimum performance from every component.


    As important as a reliable engine, stern gear assemblies need to be of the best quality available on the market. Stainless steel prop shafts made of Remanit (Duplex 1-44462) offer maximum strength and corrosion resistance, bronze stern tubes are equipped with a self aligning dual lip seal which eliminate the use of a conventional stuffing box. Lubrication is ensured by the use of raw water. Seals do not require grease nor oil. A wide range of standard lengths and diamters are available from stock. Longer shafts and larger diameters are available on request. Flexible couplings to be fitted between the gearbox and the shaft will reduce all vibration and noise. The VETUS Drive is equipped with a thrust bearing that allows the use of softer engine mountings.


    VETUS has an extensive range of steering systems and accessories, offering a total solution for any desired application. Ease of use was paramount in the development of the VETUS steering system, leading us to design a fully adjustable steering wheel which can be easily adjusted to give the ideal seated or standing steering position, greatly adding to the comfort of the skipper.


    VETUS has years of experience in developing exhaust systems, continually working to develop systems which operate at a reduced sound level, whilst ensuring that back pressure does not reach damaging levels for the engine. Because every boat and engine space is different, VETUS has developed a wide range of models to suit different uses, manufacturing the NLP for vertical installations, with the NLPH for when a horizontal installation is easier. Following the succesful introduction of two-chamber waterlocks, VETUS' latest model, the NLP3, now contains three chambers and features even greater sound reduction.


    Electricity on board not only has an important role in creating comfortable living conditions, but also plays a vital part in safe operation. As an obvious example, dangerous conditions can quickly develop if you cannot start your engine because of battery failure. Beyond safety issues, you want your stay on board to be as pleasant as possible, and that is dependent on reliable electrical power. To meet your power needs VETUS supplies a wide range of products that will exceed all of your expectations when it comes to electricity on board.

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