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    Clean drinking water is life's number one necessity, and something that should be of optimum quality on board. Thanks to a sophisticated choice of materials, drinking water stays useable for longer in a drinking water system (DWS) from VETUS. The VETUS range of fresh water systems has been carefully developed to combine a number of valuable functions. Our tanks are equipped as standard with an electric water pump and an ultrasonic level sensor, which accurately senses the water level without making any physical contact with it. The tank also comes complete with an inspection lid to enable easy cleaning, and all connections needed for the filler, suction and breather hoses. Additional connections are easily added if required. The complete drinking water system is designed for easy installation, ready to deliver clean drinking water at constant pressure.


    Recent research has shown that reliability, comfort, environmental factors and price are all important factors in the decision making process when choosing a marine toilet. With all these issues in mind, the VETUS engineers responded to customer demands by creating the TMW toilet. The main features of this toilet are: a powerful macerator, low water consumption, low noise level, efficient discharge and compact dimensions.


    Ventilation is a first step in creating a healthy environment. We all know the importance of good ventilation when it concerns our homes, why shouldn't that count for our home on the water as well? Controlling moisture in a boat cabin through proper ventilation is important in helping to prevent the appearance of mould for instance! Mould doesn't only look bad, it smells and it can even cause damage to your boat and make the atmosphere unhealty to live in. VETUS understands the importance of a healthy on board climate, and has set up a complete range of products to help you accomplish just that. From closable stainless steel deck ventilation for even the hardest conditions, to ignition protected extration ventilators suitable to remove petrol fumes, VETUS offers a complete range.

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